Social Media Marketing

Efficiently formed social media campaigns bring about desirable results.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective means of marketing a brand. Currently over 3.81 billion people worldwide are social media users, which creates a plethora of opportunities for advertising on social media platforms, and to increase market reach and penetration.

As a social media marketing agency, Digital Tribe uses social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, to gather marketing intelligence, and information about the target market. This will include the activity and engagement of social media users to forecast their movement across different platforms, in order to devise an efficient marketing campaign. As social media has evolved over the years, so has user engagement. Studies have proven that social media marketing campaigns receive more engagement than regular advertisements on websites. Instagram has surpassed $13.86 billion dollars in ad revenue in 2020, which is 3 times the amount it reached in 2018. Chances of user engagement on Facebook ads are 8 times higher than regular advertisements on websites.

Content Writing and Organization

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Site Map Improvements and Directions

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Work with Digital Tribe, and pave the way to success.

Our team at Digital Tribe consists of dedicated media experts that can, along with your customer relationship management team, produce excellent results. Digital Tribe will help you by:

  • Segmenting The Market
  • Targeting The Target Consumer Segments
  • Positioning Your Brand
  • Devising An Effective Advertising Campaign That Fulfills All Goals.
  • Creating Catchy And Engaging Advertisements That Prompt User Response.
  • Monitor Traffic Inflow And Reach In Order To Maximize Engagement And To Make Any Necessary Adjustments

Social Media Advertising Services That We Provide

Increasing Brand Awareness on Facebook

Digital Tribe creates effective Facebook advertisement campaigns that will help you reach your goals which can be increasing reach, engagement, brand visibility, or increase orders.

Increase Twitter Followers

With the help of smart hashtags, and existing trends, we will bring your brand into the spotlight in order for the world to see it and interact with it.

Increase Instagram Reach

The posts and stories we put up increase engagement and following due to their interactive nature. Interactive advertisement campaigns will cause consumers to like and share your content.

Establish Long Term Profitable Relationships On Linkedin

Establish business to business(B2B) relationships with other businesses, investors, distributors, and suppliers. LinkedIn advertising serves to fulfill these goals and is a place where top businesses and investors interact with each other.

Clients are the Apple of Our Eyes

We pride ourselves in making every single one of our clients happy. We have almost five hundred completed projects, and our more than twenty team members are eager to work for you!

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